Denied, Delayed, Underpaid Claims

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Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and their bottom line is improved with every claim they get away with denying, delaying, or underpaying. At the Law Office of Dianne Grant, we believe that an insurance company has an obligation to pay claims, not just collect premiums. We won’t rest until you get the recovery you deserve for your property damage loss.

Theft & Vandalism

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If your insurance company is not paying out what they should on your claim, call us to interpret your policy and assist you in obtaining the recovery you are entitled to.

Assignment Of Benefits (AOB) Contracts

Assignment of benefits (AOB) contracts are documents signed by a policyholder that allows a third-party to seek payment directly from an insurance company as compensation for work performed.

Water & Mold Damage

954-688-6800 Contact Us Today. 954-549-6502 Call Us For Free Consultation Facebook Twitter Search Menu Free Evaluation Claims for water damage are the most common type of claims submitted to insurance companies for both homes and businesses. Water damage is often caused by the following: ●      Plumbing leaks from supply lines and drain lines ●      Air conditioning leaks […]

Hurricane & Wind Damage

The cost of repairing damage after one of Florida’s hurricanes can be devastating. That is the reason Floridians pay high premiums to insure against damage to their properties.

Fire Damage

After a fire at your home or business, you are hoping that your insurance company will simply remunerate you for your loss. Instead, you might find yourself on the defensive, not only with proving the value of your property but even defending yourself against allegations of arson.

Sink Holes

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Sinkholes occur when sandy soils adjacent to or beneath a structure suddenly collapse, often causing a massive amount of property damage.